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Transformation Connection

Lush Locks - Transformation Connection

Transformation Connection

With the latest technology at hand we offer another a completely re-usable Hair Extension System which can be re-used up to three times after the first application. This means that client can wear them for up to one year with proper care and maintenance, thus making them more affordable and very attractive for everybody. The hair and ring are built in one streamlined design.

They can withstand all hair chemicals and will not crack. The ring is made from a special aluminium alloy, precision machined with an automatic lathe, all the edges are rounded making it impossible to cut the natural hair or hurt the scalp. All the rings are colour matched on the inside to the connection hair. Easy and fast to fit, a full head takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. Easy and fast to remove with no residue left in the hair. Connections are easy to refit and can be refitted 3 times after the first fitting.

The ring is covered 360 degrees with hair on both the inside and the outside. Once attached the Connections become very flat and hold securely without any damage to the natural hair. The Connections are safe to wear, do not damage the natural hair, will not slip and are very easy to remove. Connections are designed to enhance the natural hair by adding Volume, High or Lowlights and Length. In addition they provide texture and Highlights without the use of chemicals. This is a cold fusion method with no heat no glue and no harsh removers with virtually invisible bonds therefore making this a popular method within the salon with beautiful results.