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Lushlocks or Remy Diamond hair extension products are recomended as the shampoo, conditioners, protien sprays, and sirups have all been specially developed for hair extensions, leaving your hair extensions beautifully soft, shiney and manageable like your own natural hair.

At Lushlocks we implement the most beautiful hair extensions. Our advanced technique is the safest for your natural hair. No glues, no heat, no harsh removers. You have invested time and money in your beautiful locks so it is essential that the aftercare guidelines are followed in order to sustain the longevity of your extensions as well as keep them in beautiful condition and to prevent any damage to your natural hair. If you have any questions or problems please contact us.

  • After the application, allow 24-48 hours before washing your hair. Always brush hair before washing, use a soft brittle brush to remove the tangles. Then separate each extension from one another with your fingers.
  • Only wash your hair with clarifying or purifying or deep cleansing shampoo, or alternitaviely one that is designed for oily hair. Don’t use shampoo that contain moisturizers, oils or sirup etc, as this will cause the links to slip or if you have keratin bonds they will soften and break down.
  • Apply the shampoo liberally to wet hair, making sure you lather the thoroughly at the scalp. Then apply some more shampoo stroking it into the hair downwards to the tips. Rinse thoroughly,then gently squeeze the hair to remove excess water.
  • Always wash your hair in the shower. Never wash your hair in the bath as this can cause the hairs to tangle.
  • Wash your hair as required. Do not allow hair to get oily-a build up of natural scalp oils, dirt, sweat and products will result in beads slipping out, so keep your hair clean. Always wash your hair after exercise and swimming etc.
  • Since the extension hair does not receive the natural oils from your scalp, it is important that you keep it well moisturized by using a good quality conditioner and moisturizing products.
  • Never apply the the conditioner to the beads themselves as this will result in the sliding out. Only apply conditioner to the mid lengths and ends of the hair. Draw the hair to the back of your neck as if you were putting your hair in a pony tail. Hold the in one hand and stroke the conditioner down the hair with the other. Leave the conditioner on the hair for a few minutes thens rinse thoroughly then gently squeeze to remove excess water.