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Micro Rings/Flashpoint

Lush Locks Micro Rings/Flashpoint

Micro Ring Weft

This method is completely glue, heat and chemical free. A fantastic new take on the usual Micro Ring method. Instead of applying individual Hair Extensions strand by strand, the Micro Ring Weft method allows the hair to be attached in several long strips via a small number of Micro Rings or Micro Links. This dramatically reduces fitting time.

The hair extensions come as weft strips that are placed in horizontal rows against your scalp. Small sections of both your own hair and hair from the extension weft strip are gently pulled through micro rings which are then squeezed shut, holding the weft of hair extensions in place.

For clients with very fine hair or those that struggle to hide attachment rings, there is also a variation on this method called Micro Ring Sew In Weft. During application, micro rings are attached to your own hair and then the weft is sewn in on top of these. This keeps all the micro rings hidden underneath the weft hair. This version of the Micro Ring Weft method will not slip as easily in finer hair and therefore lasts longer.

Micro Ring / Micro Link Wefts are ideal for clients looking to add a subtle boost in volume and no more than 1 – 2″ in length. These hair extensions are available in a variety of colours and lengths.

More practical and longer lasting than Clip-in Hair Extensions, each fitting of Micro Ring Weft Hair Extensions lasts up to 1 month approximately. If weft hair is well maintained and still in good condition, it may be re-used and re-positioned with new micro rings or removed and stored carefully for re-application at a later date. As a more temporary method of Hair Extensions, Micro Ring Wefts are ideal for bridal hair, weddings or other special occasions. Also great for those on a budget or for people unsure about trying Hair Extensions for the first time.

Micro Rings/Flashpoint

Micro ring hair extensions are the safest and most undetectable hair extensions technique available on the market. The Micro Ring itself is an ultra small metal clip which is coloured to match your hair, this is then gently squeezed around a small section of your hair along with the extension about 1cm away from your scalp. The micro rings clamp securely in place and will not slip out even during the most challenging of activities. There is no glue, bond, sewing, braids or weave involved which results in no damage to your own hair either when the extension is attached or when it is removed.

As Micro Rings do not use any glue, bonding agent or sewing they can be tightened half way through their life cycle, this allows extensions to be adjusted so that no matting of the hair between the extension and your scalp occurs. For these reasons Micro Ring hair extensions have become the number one choice for those wishing to extend their hair either temporarily or long term. Lushlocks offer professional micro ring hair extensions to clients throughout the United Kingdom.


Micro ring weft – £20 per row
Micro ring strand by strand with genuine double drawn Russian hair Full head from £550
Micro ring strand by strand with genuine double drawn European hair Full head from £750
Micro ring strand by strand with Diamond Line double drawn hair Full head from £495
Micro ring strand by strand with Indian Remy double drawn hair Full head from £295
All hair extensions require a consultation to give you an accurate price as we use different methods and techiques, you can speak to our hair extension specialist who will advise you on the best method that suits you.
All hair extension bookings require a non refundable 50% deposit.